Your Moving Truck and You – The Right Moving Truck Size

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Having the proper tools for the job is an important preparatory step in any project. Moving is no exception. Selecting the right sized moving truck for your move is essential. Unless you want to overpay for space you don’t need or are happy making more than one trip, it’s crucial that you consider the amount of space your things are going to take up and plan accordingly.

Moving Truck Size

Now that you’re aware of some of the more unexpected facets of moving truck rentals, it’s time to decide what is the right moving truck size for the job. Moving trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and deciding which one is big enough for everything you need to move can seem impossible. While not easy there are some pointers that can make the selection process a little easier for you. A general rule of thumb for a moving truck size is approximately three cubic feet of space per room to pack. So, in comparing some of the more common sized moving trucks you can generally expect:

  • 10’ Trucks can roughly fit the contents of a studio apartment
  • 15’ Trucks are usually suitable for a two-bedroom apartment
  • 17’ Trucks can typically move a two-bedroom home
  • 20’ Trucks are good for a three-bedroom home
  • 24’ Trucks can usually fit the contents of a 3-4 bedroom home
  • 26’ Trucks are good trucks for homes with four-bedrooms or more

Of course, these are only guidelines. Exact recommendations would depend on what it is you plan to move. Measuring the things you want to pack into the moving truck can be helpful too. The old adage measure twice cut once comes to mind and applies well here. You’d be disappointed to find that you went through all the trouble of renting a truck, driving it home, and beginning to pack it only to find out all of the things you had hoped to fill it with won’t fit. This is why it is important to choose the right moving truck size. Learning some clever packing tactics can help make extra space in the truck too. The most efficient ways to pack a moving truck usually involve making use of all that often forgotten about vertical space.

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